V. Laisaar's trips

I am Väino Laisaar – a car traveller and a tour operator producing travel series. I’ve been on an adventure all my life… now I’m just adventuring on a larger scale. But when I’m not on a trip, my big passion is domestic motorized boning and smaller roads that lead to all kinds of exciting, beautiful and nice places. Such a choice of paths evokes rather enchanting emotions inspired by ignorance, which envelop the spirit of adventure and passion for discovery into the full.

I have been mapping exciting trails for various adventures and rides for years. All this for the purpose of promoting discovery of exciting domestic places and roads.

Car / moto-tourism is one of the most convenient and perhaps the cheapest forms of travel, during which you can get acquainted with your beautiful homeland as well as the big and wide world together with friends or family. All you need is a little initative and in most cases nice company, because together it’s much more fun and there is no such thing as an unsuitable vehicle. Once you get started, you can travel with everything, really!

Now, in cooperation with bikerent.ee, we have made it even easier. We rent you a motorcycle, riding gear and all other necessary equipment, and I will provide exciting tracks that include sights that turn your beautiful day memorable.

There are daily and multi-day tracks in the selection. Just choose the direction and crank the throttle!